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7 ways life in the UK is different to life in the Netherlands

Let me guess, the quantity of beer consumed and life expectancy are the first things to come to mind? (the Brits not coming out favourably in either category). But how does life in the Netherlands compare to life in the UK? What are the big differences between living in these two nations?

At first glance it may not seem like these two old empires have much in common, but scratch the surface and you’ll find they’re old allies for a reason. But what are the big differences between the two rain-soaked countries?

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It’s not the abolition of the royal family, that’s for sure.

Politics aside, there are a few clear differences to anyone who has lived in both the UK and the Netherlands. Here are just seven of them!

1. British politeness vs. Dutch directness

You knew this was coming, so we’re going to start off with the obvious. The Dutch are direct, and the British are not — in fact, they’re overly polite.

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As a Brit, even I know that the British are far too polite and should just say what we mean (passive aggression is our second language, after all 💁‍♀️ ). But at the same time, you could also argue that Dutchies could soften the blow of their honesty a bit.

I think it’s safe to say there is a happy medium between the both. I will always be an English gal and apologise for my existence in every email — but living in the Netherlands has also shown me the value of being upfront.

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