Attention couples: this new app will help you find the ultimate double-dates

o You and your boyfriend have just arrived in the Netherlands and are eager to get right in and meet the people. However, there is one problem: where do you locate friends?

While the coronavirus has made this more difficult, it will soon be easier than ever to turn your two-person party into a four-person party. The snazzy new Party of 4 app assists couples all over the Netherlands in making and maintaining friendships with other couples. After all, four is preferable to two.

Party of 4: Your new best friends could be around the corner

Consider the following scenario. You and your boyfriend have recently moved into a magnificent apartment in Amsterdam, and you want to hold a dinner party to celebrate your new digs. The problem is that you have yet to make any pals!

No problem, since Party of 4 is here to help.

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Consider this app to be the (completely platonic) Tinder for couples. It serves as the first step toward making new acquaintances. Simply build a profile with a bio and some cute couple selfies to connect with other twosomes in your region who are looking for buddies.

Intrigued? Swiping for new acquaintances might even be a date night activity! To share the swiping action, both you and your partner need to do is download the app and use the same login credentials. This means you’ll have the opportunity to go through people’s profiles as well as communicate with your matches – you’ll get to know each other in no time.

Who can benefit from Party of 4?

Perhaps you and your partner already do have friends — but they’re just not at the same point in life as you guys. The great thing about Party of 4 is that you’ll find couples in the same stage as you and your partner.

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You can bond over a shared hatred for the terrible twos or a shared celebration of a child-free lifestyle. Either way, this app is the perfect opportunity to find a couple on the same level. You can use it if you’re…

Young couples in search of brunch buddies

Perhaps the only thing on your mind is brunch — fair enough. Want to find a fun, hip and young couple to venture to the latest brunch spots with (when everything opens, of course)? Party of 4 can help you find buddies to show around your new home, your new town, or even just your new balcony (where you can crack open the beers and enjoy a nice borreltje).

New parents looking to connect and share their experiences

Even if you’re new to the parenting game, you’ll know that having kids is an exciting, yet exhausting whirlwind that will completely shake up your social circle.

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If you want to connect with other parents in your area, Party of 4 can help you find other couples to bond with — and not just over a shared understanding of sleep deprivation.

Empty-nesters who want to ramp up their social lives

The kids moving away often means you have a lot more time on your hands. Why not use that time to meet new people? Find other parents who understand what it’s like to get called three times a week to be asked how you use a washing machine.

We’re in! How do we get the app and meet our new friends?

Ready to meet your own party of four? Download the app now to start building your unique profile!

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