In three major cities, teacher shortages are severe, and some schools may not reopen after the summer.

Despite corona billions, schools in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague may close due to chronic teacher shortages, city education officials have warned. According to the AD, the council executives are seeking for a structural budget to address the wage disparity between primary and secondary school teachers, a structural budget to make teaching a more appealing option for students, and steps to encourage teachers not to leave the profession.

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Said Kasmi of Rotterdam described the situation in the port city as “worrying,” with about 13% of positions empty, while in Amsterdam According to Marjolein Moorman, she has received indications that several schools in the capital would not reopen following the summer break. They claim that the €8.5 billion put aside by the education ministry to help schools cope with the impact of the coronavirus over the next two years would not help with teacher shortages. ‘We’re missing the mark when it comes to attracting new people to the profession.’ For that, we’ll need a long-term budget. This is still a stopgap,’ Moorman explained. 1

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