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Is Wizkid’s Music Really Boring To Nigerians?

Wizkid‘s music ain’t boring. Last time I checked, boring means “not at all interesting,” and anything along that line. That’s not a good word for music as interesting as Wizkid’s.

Words that critics have been using to qualify the pop star’s music, these days be like “monotonous,” “boring,” “mid” and all that. WTF is that? The funniest part is, no critic ever says that and have his way without getting a couple bashes from fans — Nigerians who actually listen to music.

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To critics, Wizkid is in a phase where he has to get serious with his lyrics — especially now that the Fela comparisons are beginning to come in, and the Billboard Hot 100 and Grammy recognition is here.

BUT, to fans, Wizkid just arrived at a point where he can just do anything, and it’ll sound very interesting. He’s long been in a place where trash can be turned to an interesting stuff. And nobody should get mad at that.

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Yes, Wizkid‘s tryna make hits and cater for a wider global market. And if that means doing what a select few Nigerians will call trash and boring, then so be it.

But bullshit for the dogs, if you are real Nigerian music fan, you should feel Wizkid, Davido and all of these guys. Unless of course you are looking for engagements on Twitter, in which case the hustle is the hustle.

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Let’s hear what you think.


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