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Israel DMW Expresses Anger After Davido Smashed His Phone For Filming Too Much; Threatens Revenge

In a series of videos that have gone viral on social media, Israel expressed his rage at his boss’s actions after charges that he was overly documenting events around Davido.

Despite his displeasure at losing his phone, the Benin guy pointed out that it could only happen because of his employer, as no one born through a woman would dare to act against him.

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The contentious logistics manager, on the other hand, has threatened to spread the violence to anybody he sleeps with.

In a related news, Israel DMW, Davido’s transportation manager, has vowed that if he refuses to take a bullet for his boss, catastrophe will befall him.

The aide swore to be loyal until his last breath, even revealing that if the opportunity to take a bullet for his boss arose, he would gladly do so.

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In a video that has gone viral, Israel can be seen pouring libations on the floor while threatening himself with a catastrophic end if he fails to keep his word.

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