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Jay-Z’s Life Advice For A Young Girl Is Going Viral

“To all the kids who have dreams of being successful like you, what advice can you give them?” she asked.

“Being successful like me? OK, believe in yourself, even before anyone else believes in you,” Jay-Z said.


The artist and business mogul also praised Jazlyn’s self-assurance.

“You’ve got to have that ultimate confidence, like you do. You’re very confident,” he said. “And just believe in yourself.”

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Part two of Jazlyn’s interview with Jay-Z is dropping on Friday, according to her Instagram page, so it sounds like there is even more heartwarming advice on the way from the Grammy-winning artist.

Jazlyn has been making waves with her celebrity interviews. The up-and-coming reporter, who already has more than 21,000 Instagram followers and 2.3 million likes on TikTok, has also interviewed David Beckham, Steve Harvey, rapper Kodak Black, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, among others.


She chatted with 50 Cent last year, saying on Instagram that it was one of her “funniest interviews so far.”

After sharing some inspirational advice about doing what you love, the rapper joked that someone needed to cut her a check.

“How much they pay you to do this?” he said. “Man, if you don’t get Jazzy her money, you’re playing with us, man! That’s why I’m here to negotiate for her now. Now where’s her money at?”


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