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MOVIE LOVERS!! Which Of These Movies/Series Scenes Was The Most Heartbreaking For You?

ome movies/series scene are so touching that one would be so teary as if the scene happened in real life.

Below are some of the movies/series with heartbreaking scene 👇🏻

1)Miracle in cell No 7

When Memo was about to be hanged

2) The Fault in our stars

When Hazel reads the letter Gus wrote to Peter Van Houten after he dies in The Fault in Our Stars.

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3) Money Heist

Nairobi’s death

4) Walking Dead

Glenn’s death

5) Titanic

Jack’s death at the end of Titanic

6) Lion king

Mufasa’s death

7) Avengers

Tony Stark’s death

8) Vikings

Ragnar’s death

9)Game of Thrones

The red wedding

10) Peaky blinders

John’s death



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