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Paternity Fraud: What Women Do These Days Leave Satan In Shock – Angel Speaks

Angel Samuda maintained that a DNA test is advisable at any trace of infidelity or adultery because women of nowadays now do the imaginable.

She Said:

“It a very complicated issue, as it speaks so much about relationships in general. Personally don’t see it as something any home should be proud of but then on the other hand I support DNA testing and that should be done if in doubt or at any trace of adultery or infidelity. It is also worrisome when a man demands for a DNA test after his child is born. “TRUST” is powerful and should be traded carefully. If along the line you no longer trust your partner over the years and your partner has given you reasons to suspect her, then why not?. Women of these days now do what leaves Satan in shock.”

Angel Samuda also revealed that despite her beauty and other soft side, she is not romantic naturally, “I am not romantic at all. In fact, I am very bad at it but people say I am. I just don’t know how. Well that aside, I always prefer love first before money, sex, or anything. I am a lover girl. I love to love. I also love to be loved right back. I believe with love you enjoy sex and money very well. What attracted me to my husband was everything about him that the eyes can see but aside from the physical looks his humility and cleanliness also got me. Marriage has taught me a whole lot; to be patient and observant are my major ones for now,” she told Saturday Sun in a recent encounter.

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