Pools are opening and the beach is beckoning: it’s time to learn how to swim

The Netherlands is home to people from all over the world, yet many of them, unlike the Dutch, are still afraid of water. Swimming lessons are a good idea now that pools are reopening and the sun is luring us to the beaches.

It can be intimidating to admit you can’t swim in a country where you’re surrounded by water and people who had to take mandatory swimming lessons as youngsters — but there are swimming instructors that specialize in teaching expats in the Netherlands.

After hours, Christina, the creator of Your Personal Swim Coach, and her 20-strong staff of Dutch and non-Dutch teachers meet their expat clients poolside to teach them how to swim confidently. There are no judgments or feelings of humiliation; the international team is properly educated in teaching adults to swim, so you’re the perfect candidate!

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Swim like a Dutchie

Your Personal Swim Coach will teach you how to swim and obtain your swimming certifications based on the national Dutch swimming program, Zwem-ABC, in Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, Leiden, Diemen, and Amsterdam.

This is the programme that the Dutch learn from a young age, teaching swimming and water survival skills — and even what to do should you fall through the ice (think of all those frozen canals this past February.)

Specialised teaching for those new to the water

Your Personal Swim Coach offers a range of lessons based on your personal skill level but specialises in teaching adults who have a fear of water, or who never learned to swim at all.

Christina is very familiar with this and encourages her clients’ decision to brave the water. “Each student carries their own ‘not so good’ water experience, but they have reached a point that they are fed up with staying out of the pool or sea,” Christina explains.

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“The biggest step for them is to really decide to go for it and book a lesson in one of our pools. We strive to do everything in our abilities to help them conquer their fear of water.”

A safe, corona-free learning environment


The safety of the client is paramount at Your Personal Swim Coach. “No matter what, the number one rule at all locations is safety. Regardless of their skill level, swimmers are always monitored,” Christina emphasizes. “Newcomers to deep water will be evaluated carefully and will always swim against the wall.”

Also Important!!  Elderly must conquer their virus fears and get out more, doctors say

To guarantee the safety of swimmers, your Personal Swim Coach has devised unique coronavirus protocols. Each swimming pool’s chlorine levels are tested on a regular basis; this naturally occurring chemical eliminates all viruses and germs in the water.

Are you ready to take the risk? Say no more and head over to Your Personal Swim Coach, where a professional will help you get started on your adventure.


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