To combat the low teen immunization rate, health boards will approach schools.

According to the Volkskrant on Tuesday, several of the Netherlands’ 25 regional health boards hope to provide information on the coronavirus vaccine directly in schools, and in some circumstances, to actually administer the vaccine. Only 43% of the country’s 12 to 18-year-olds have been vaccinated, and experts are concerned about probable outbreaks if this number does not rise. According to the article, the West Brabant health board has an agreement to vaccinate youngsters attending classes for newcomers to the Netherlands in Breda and Bergen op Zoom.

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However, let us be clear: health boards do not compel people to get vaccinated. Nothing is obligatory,’ claimed the spokesman. Since July 2, teenagers have been able to schedule a vaccination appointment. Despite the fact that 72 percent of respondents claimed they intend to vaccinate in surveys, the vaccination rate remains considerably below 50 percent. Parents must also give their consent for children under the age of 16 to receive a vaccination.

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There are no issues. According to a spokeswoman for the RIVM public health institute, it is too early to be concerned about the low take-up rate. ‘We can’t make any conclusions because it’s the holidays,’ a spokeswoman said. The secondary school association has applauded efforts to encourage teenagers to be immunized. ‘We know that if fewer students are vaccinated, the health hazards at school are greater,’ a spokeswoman said. ‘However, we are cautious. There isn’t going to be any pressure.’ In the northern holiday region, schools will resume on August 22, and on August 13, the administration will detail what coronavirus safeguards should be taken. Prior to the break, secondary school students were supposed to maintain a 1.5 meter separation.

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