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Yonda Talks About How A Song He Wrote Caused The Rift Between Davido And Burna Boy – Video

Yonda is known to be writing songs for big artists and that seems to include Davido and Burna Boy and in a recent video sighted online, he has explained how a song he initially wrote for Burna Boy caused a rift between them.

According to him, he wrote a song for Burna Boy but one thing led to the other and the song ended up in the hands of Davido and that seems to have caused the rift between the 2 artists as one probably feels betrayed by the other.

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Yonda himself confirmed that Davido and Burna Boy were close some time ago before this but it appears Burna Boy felt betrayed by either Yonda or Davido and that caused the rift between them and the possibility that Davido had no idea the song originally belonged to him is very high.

Going by what we understand from the submission of Yonda, he played a role in the misunderstanding that exist between Davido and Burna Boy as he claimed to be the only one who understood and related to some posts of Burna Boy some time ago.

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